Saturday, November 23, 2013

The last C4T

In the first blog post Nico Rowinsky made that I commented on was about his students asking, "Is this gonna be on the test?" while he is giving lecture. He mentions that he responds to this saying, "Yes, thinking will be on the test." Slyly not giving the answer students were looking for.
My response was how this is true everywhere, including in classes I attend as a student and that I plan on using these sly remarks as well to my future students.

In the second blog post Nico Rowinsky made that I commented on was a series of YouTube videos of students and math. Nine videos were made, and the videos impressed Mr. Rowinsky. The assignment was if you had 30 seconds to tell the world about math, what would it be? and the results were different and creative.
My response was how publishing on the web through something such as YouTube puts pressure on kids to perform well but not so much pressure that they feel overwhelmed, so it is good for teachers to do this. That students watch YouTube every day and it is also a good idea to have them learn how to use it.

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