Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Last C4K

Darius in Mrs. Lagitupu's class made a blog about his first time playing volleyball. He talks about how he was nervous at first but once he played he got better and better. Darius even gave a YouTube link to give an example of volleyball to those who may have never seen it.
My comment was how volleyball requires coordination and teamwork, which are two very important skills to learn. I mentioned how it was nice of him to include a volleyball link to give a visual example of what volleyball is, and I asked if he played inside or out on a beach and if he hasn't played out on the beach that he should, since it is really fun.

For the second C4K this time around I had the pleasure of commenting on Jaxson's blog twice, from Ms. Cassidy's class. The first blog post was a drawing of a ninja and how he will be one for Halloween.
I commented on how awesome it was for him to be a ninja for Halloween and that I was a ninja for Halloween one year, and I mentioned how good of a drawing he did.
The second blog post Jaxson made that I commented on was a picture of his painting the feeling of mad.
My comment was how he did a good job capturing the feeling of mad by how the darker colors overshadow the lighter colors.

I really enjoyed reading all of the kid's blogs and I hope I gave them encouragement with my comments. It has been a wonderful semester with these blogs and I may have future students do the same when I start teaching.

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