Saturday, November 23, 2013

Final Report on PLN Project #2

Sybaloo, a source of information all bundled together at my finger tips. I have added BloggerDiscovery Ed, social media Twitter and FacebookYouTubeGoogle Docs, and even some thinking music from Pandora. Overall the application has been wonderful, I learned that there is an app on apple/android phones, but I have yet to use it, but I plan on doing so eventually. I have removed icurio from my Symbaloo, since I have lost access to it and am unsure of when I may use it again, however I will add it back(it's easy to do so) when I come across it again. I have plenty of more space, but that will change over the years and looking forward to it. Now that I am thinking about it, I should go ahead and add TEDtalks to my Symbaloo. Take care everyone and thank you for introducing us to Symbaloo Dr. Strange!

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