Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4K #2

In my first comments for kids post, it was to "Maya Pickle" and she posted how her dream is to become a professional Mogul Skier. She says that she hopes to become one soon and that she will be working hard to become one.
My comment was that she taught me something since I have never heard of Mogul Skiing and her post caused me to look it up and see what it is online and that I do hope she does achieve her dream.

In my second comments for kids post was to "Patrick" talking about fungus, lichen, and moss. He just had a picture of moss growing on the bottom of a tree, but he explained the differences between the three.
My comment to Patrick was how that it was a good example picture he had of moss and how outdoor activities can be fun.

In my third comments for kids post was to "Jun" talking about hornfisk fishing. He mentions what a hornfisk is, even giving its scientific name for it "Belone Belone". Then he mentions a few tips on how to catch one while fishing.
My comment to Jun was how he taught me what a hornfisk was and that the picture was a great addition too(since I wouldn't of known what one would look like). Then I asked where someone could catch one and he actually responded saying that I can catch them near Ireland and Finland.

In my fourth comments for kids post was to "Naomi" with the subject "What could be a different title for a book?" Which she chooses a book her class is currently reading "Out of my mind" which she believes could be better by calling it "Being Melody: I was born this way" who is the main character of the book. Naomi says that she feels that the changed title implies what the book is about and maybe that something is wrong with the character.
My comment to Naomi was how it is good to think outside of the box(or maybe out of your mind) about a subject and that it gives a different perspective on things. I also mentioned how good her spelling is.

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