Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4T #3

In Dave Sladkey's first post that I commented on, it was about a subject I was unfamiliar with: Classroom Flipping. Dave weighs a pros and con list on the matter, since he is on the fence about it. He mentions that flipping the classroom is having students do lecture at home and do homework in school. He ultimately decides to flip the classroom two times per chapter in the math book. Being not completely sold on the idea of it, but so far he is enjoying it.

My comment to his post was how I was unfamiliar with flipping the classroom, but he explained it in an understandable way. That it was also good of him to come up with a reasonable pros and cons list as well. I voiced my concerns about the matter of flipping the classroom, saying, "My concerns on the matter are that the classroom is enclosed and the home is not, activities have a lot more room to grow in my opinion outside of the classroom, another is that the school is where students learn how to apply things(such as mathematics) with testing to make sure they know how to apply the subject and home is where they are actually meant to apply the subject, having it be the other way around has me to believe we are not teaching them to apply what they learn at home and in the world, but have them apply what they learn in a school setting or somewhere structured." I also said that I do not have all the facts on classroom flipping, so I cannot accuratly judge the matter, but I do plan on learning more about it in the future.

In Dave Sladkey's second post that I commented on, it was about how exercise can help students in math. This was achieved by multiple videos of a P.E. teacher doing research from a university and showing that research in the school he is in currently. The most fascinating video in my opinion is the one titled "What happens to your brain after you exercise?" Where it shows brain activity of a person while having been idling and brain activity after a person has been exercising.

My comment to his post is how this interests me and how it is crazy that this is not known everywhere and that it should be. I commented how I will be looking deeper into this and going to be trying this out for myself and if I feel it is personally successful, I plan on doing this throughout my college career.

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