Saturday, October 12, 2013

C4T #2

For my second post of comments for teachers, I had the pleasure of reading Ken Halla's blog, who is a U.S. History teacher. His first post that I came across showed a map of the United States of what the ethnic heritage of the country was back in the year 2000. Under the map was a short list of facts coming from the map, such as the data size of 317 million people and the largest heritage grouping of the nation is German, accounting for almost 50 million people. My comment was how I like visual aids such as maps, to give me an idea of what I am trying to understand. I also commented on my surprise on how on the map it showed Utah being mostly of Irish ancestry and it also surprised me that Germanic descendants spread all across the nation, rather than just one area.

The second  post I came across gave a link to a website that gave interactive maps of battle plans and formations of the civil war. Mr. Halla mentions in his blog post that the site even includes audio with the pictures of every major part of the U.S. Civil War. He reviews the site he linked as "fantastic" which I am inclined to agree with. My comment was about how again, I am a visual learner, and these visual aids helped me learn something I had trouble with when I was taught about the Civil War in high school. That if my teachers did was he is doing on his blog, I would of had an easier time comprehending this subject in school.

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