Friday, October 4, 2013

C4K Summary for September

The first comments for kids assignment I had was to "Snowflake" from Mrs. Martin's 2nd block class. Snowflake wrote about southern life, the student started with a quote talking about how someone cannot be too southern, then snowflake summarized their southern lifestyle. My comment was in agreement and that southern lifestyles may not be glamorous, that they are enjoyable.

 The second comments for kids assignment I had was to "Jae Young" from Mrs. Metzler's 5th grade class. Jae Young made a blog post about skiing in New York with their dad during Christmas and how they weren't careful and almost bumped into a tree, getting saved by their dad. My comment was about how cold it must of been in New York during Christmas for it to snow, but that their dad must of been looking out for them there too and how to be careful next time when skiing and it was good to see that they had fun.

 The third comments for kids assignment I had was to "Nero". Nero's blog post was more of a video of how things are connected when learning, and he was connecting ideas together with hexagons. I commented on how creative he was and linked him a video from the teacher's blog post I have commented on from my first C4T, which has a magic hexagon as a learning tool for math, it is amazing how things can be connected.

 The last comments for kids assignment for September I had was to "Isabel" in Mrs. Ripp's class. Isabel made a blog post of how her teacher made her and another work out brain teasers without verbal or written communication and how she thought it would be easy, but it really wasn't. I made the comment of how charades can help her with her non-verbal and non-written communication, and that researchers in psychology believe non-verbal and non-written communication such as body language accounts for most communication in the world.
After reading these four blogs from wonderful kids, I can't wait to read more and comment, I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

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