Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blog Post Number 4

In Langwitches' blog she has fun with her students, creating podcast after podcast. The students have fun with it, which tells me that it is something that shouldn't be intimidating, but rather inviting and fun. The students made scripts and recited them, sharing their work with the world. Since their work would be shared with the world, they wanted their voices to be just right, which would be the Goldilocks zone of voice control. Children being conscious of how they want to be heard around the world tells me that even children know the gravity of a situation of being heard on the internet, they can be heard around the world! The class even went around the world, speaking Hebrew, without physically going anywhere.
Podcasts are today's radio, but better. Podcasts can be heard around the world, not in just one region. They can be heard while on the go, since you don't need to watch what is going on, it is just audio. Through an RSS feed, they can be updated automatically, not only on your computer but also on your smartphone. As Langwitches mentions here, a Podcast isn't about the tools to make them or about making one either, but it is about " writing a script, listening, comprehension, collaboration, speaking skills, and fluency in the target language." Podcasts are about putting your voice out into the world.

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