Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post Assignment #3

    Reading articles and watching videos from the peer review posts and blogs, I learned that it is important to be critical, yet polite. Critical in the sense that you must be specific about the issues the person you review have. Being critical in your review will help them avoid the same issues they had. Polite in the sense to not discourage the person you are reviewing, you do not want them to be insulted to the point they will not listen to you or have them not even try to improve. Being polite also allows room for conversation, which will allow communication. Communication can help determine if they chose how to do something a certain way on purpose or allowing them to defend themselves to a possible mistake of the reviewer.
     Using peer review is important for future teachers, no matter the subject they are pursuing. Peer review also helps in reviewing your own paper, making it easier to look out for common mistakes. Reviewing my team is helpful not only to them, but also to myself. In the 2nd blog post of my team, Ronald started almost his whole first paragraph sentence with the word "The". It isn't technically wrong, just something to avoid and be more creative. Ronald's post was very easy to read and understand, which is important on any blog post or assignment. With Cameron's post, the first sentence had a list without commas or "and" to separate them. To quote the instance is, "such as google youtube facebook twitter." which should have commas between the first three and having the word "and" between facebook and twitter. Another mistake is "It be facts and content and skill based off of that."  which should be rewritten, perhaps the word "should" should be in between "it" and "be", but then it would still be a sentence fragment. Her post as a good introduction and conclusion to the subject at hand. Reviewing my team's blog posts in blog post #2 publicly is because they are not too bad, they should be proud of their posts. I encourage people to bring my mistakes to light as well. I know I am not perfect and the way I convey my thoughts may seem odd at times, so I rely on others to help me improve those occurrences.
    Some mistakes are easy to miss. Those that we do miss could be due to being biased toward our own paper and choose not to see them. Having an outside source to review what we write is a good way to have those mistakes shown in a light that will help improve. Peer review can't work by only being polite and cannot work by only being critical, we need both to help improve papers. People who you peer review are counting on you to help them, so let's not let them down.

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